Dr Krzysztof K. Koziol

of Cambridge

Dept. of Mat. Sci
27 Charles Babbage Rd
CB3 0FS Cambridge
Room 1_016
Phone: +44 1223 334 356
Fax: +44 1223 334 567
E-mail: kk292@cam.ac.uk

Research topics:

  • Dr. Koziol is the head of the group, Senior Research Fellow of the Department, Royal Society Fellow and Fellow of Pembroke College. Funding bodies are the Royal Society, European Research Council, EPSRC, US Airforce and BT.
  • Main focus in our research is on selective synthesis of carbon nanotubes (with selective diameter or electronic properties) and development of carbon nanotube wires as replacement for copper and aluminium, for a variety of applications. Our other research interests include studying the properties and applications of different carbon nanotube macroscopic assemblies, including wires, fibres, films and arrays, particularly related to energy transmission, energy generation and other high performance applications.

Curriculum vitae:

Dr. Koziol's CV with a comprehensive list of work experience, publications and achievements can be downloaded here.

2011 Director of Studies in Materials Natural Sciences Pembroke College
University of Cambridge, UK

2008 Royal Society University Research Fellow Dept Materials Science
University of Cambridge, UK

2001-2005 Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Carbon nanotube polymer scaffolds Magdalene College
University of Cambridge, UK