Mr. Mohammad Al-Mamun

of Cambridge

Dept. of Mat. Sci
27 Charles Babbage Rd
CB3 0FS Cambridge
Room 1_015
Phone: +44 1223 334 335
Fax: +44 1223 334 567

Research topics:

  • Carbon nanostructures for radiation protection This project is funded by Islamic Development Bank (IDB)
  • Radiation workers have long been under the worst protection conditions especially in nuclear energy and nuclear medical field. They need a good quality, non-toxic, lightweight and environment-friendly anti-radiation clothing & equipment. In the modern world, the outstanding development in the nuclear energy and radiation applications (e.g. nuclear power and medical treatment) needs a higher requirement for the shielding and personal protection in the fixed installations, such as buildings and equipment. Lead is widely used as shielding materials for radiation protection. Conventionally lead or lead oxide is used to make clothing as a radiation protective material in medical field. Lead is toxic, environmentally unfriendly, possessing health hazard, relatively high weight. Therefore, much more efforts have been made recently to provide lead-free radiation protection material and thus lead-free radiation protection clothing. My aim is to explore the next generation materials for radiation protection by using carbon nanostructures and metals (instead of Lead) which can be used as a shielding in nuclear industry as well as in nuclear medical field

Curriculum vitae:

Oct 2011 Start PhD Carbon nanostructures for radiation protection
University of Cambridge, UK

2009 Scientific Officer, Radioisotope production Division
Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission

2009 Lecturer, Textile Engineering
Daffodil International University, Dhaka, Bangladesh

2001-2008 M.S. and B.Sc. in Applied Chemistry & Chemical Technology
University of Dhaka, Bangladesh